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Radha ir Krišna supasi Vrindavane! jhūlat dou naval kishor | Šri Hit Čaurasi 35-oji malda!

Šri Hit Čaurasi,- Šri Hita Harivanšo Mahaprabhu poezijos/ maldų rinkinys. Šią knygą sudaro 84 eiliuoti tekstai. Dalinuosi 35-ojo himno apie transcendentinę meilę lietuvišku vertimu! Jay Vrindavan! Jay Harivanš!

Verčiau remdamasis Hari-Radhacharan das ( (anglišką vertimą taip pat pridedu)) ir Pratibha Goswami (knygos: Hit Chaurasi- the 84 hymns of Divine Love) angliškais vertimais, bei sanskrito kalbos žodynu (

Radha ir Krišna supasi Vrindavane! jhūlat dou naval kishor|Šri Hit Čaurasi 35-oji malda!


jhūlat dou naval kishor

rajanī janit rang sukh sūchat ang-ang uthi bhor

“The two youths [Sri-Shyama-Shyam] are swinging to and fro,

having arisen at dawn, their every limb betrays them and indicates the night’s merriment and joy.”

ati anurāg bhare mili gāvat, sur mandar-kal-ghor

bīch-bīch prītam chit chorat, priya nain kī kor

“Full of great love, they sing together in unison in a low tone and sweet musical voice.

From time to time the beloved [Radha] captivates her Lover’s heart [with a glance] from the corner of her eye”.

abalā ati sukumār darat mann, var hindor jhakor

pulaki-pulaki prītam urr lāgat, dai nav uraj ankor

“So delicate, the lady is frightened in her heart by the rush of the excellent swing.

In a thrill of emotion, she clings to her lover’s chest, offering her breasts for a new embrace”.

*Sri Radha is a very soft hearted lady. She enjoys swinging. (But sakhis are very clever they know Sri Priya gets afraid becouse of too fast swinging so they start  swinging little faster.) In the beginning Sri Priya becomes very happy, but suddenly she is afraid and quickly she embraces  her Priyatam. Her breast touches Sri Priyatam’s chest. (This beautiful glimpse gives lots of happiness to all the sakhis along with Priyatam. Sri Priya embraces her Priyatam so tightly that her ornaments are tangled with the garlands of Sri Priyatam’s chest and she shivers becouse of modesty. This shivering gives an unexplainable joy to Sri Priyatam.)

arujhī bimal māl kankan sau, kundal sau kach dor

bepath jut kyau banai bivechat, ānand badhyau na thor

“His perfect garland becomes entangled with her bangles and strands of his curls with her earrings.

How can they be separated when trembling so? Their bliss grows greatly.”

nirakhi-nirakhi phūlat lalitādik, bivimukh chandra chakor

dai ashīsh harivansh prashanshat kari anchal kī cchor

“Looking on constantly, Lalita and the other sakhis are overjoyed – chakor birds to the moons ofthose two faces. Sri Harivansh [in his female form as Hit Sajani] whilst spreading the border of her

garment*, praises and blesses the divine couple.”

* a physical gesture to indicate blessing/protecting a beloved.

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